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No Pants are the best Pants

February 2, 2016

I spent the entire autumn lusting over the perfect pair of flat suede thigh high boots. Well autumn came and went in a blink of an eye and I stayed sans boots. Getting in so late on the boots band wagon I was worried that investing in them now was a waste of money? NOPE. […]

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Denim Diaries Vol.2

January 10, 2016

Seeings as it is the official 15th anniversary of the most iconic Canadian tux ever to be pulled off on the red carpet (or maybe even just pulled of ever… PERIOD.) I’m talking about the 2001 Britney/Justin couples denim look, there was no better time to challenge myself to trying some jean on jean… on […]

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Bare Essentials No.1 – VIU

January 8, 2016

Even though I vowed to have no resolutions this year, not just because I never finish any but mainly on the account that resolutions, like any other goals, really only ever look good on paper. (Simply put; they are way too much easier said than done.) That doesn’t mean I’m completely aimless and stagnant in life. January […]

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Amaze App.

January 7, 2016

Aah can’t believe 2016 is already off to such a fast and busy start! But one of my favorite things so far (and something I am super happy to announce) is that I have now become one of the official Amaze App bloggers! By downloading the AMAZE app onto your phone you can directly shop my […]

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Why I was so keen on 2k15

December 31, 2015

Happy Last day of 2015 babes! Deep breathes & Drumrolls please…because here it is the inevitable post on the highlights of my 2k15!  Granted I should have worked on this sooner, and put tons more thought into it, but I only recently (like legit five minutes ago) crawled out of bed to nurse my accidental […]

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Perfect Post-Christmas Sweater

December 29, 2015

Last day in Helsinki today, and me and my sister decided to go catch the sunrise in Espa in the lovely -11c weather… I guess the good thing about Finland is that in the winter because the sun barely shines you don’t even need to be a morning person to see the sunrise.. so it’s […]

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Camel on Camel

December 23, 2015

So apart from my panic attacks and the travel anxiety yesterday’s attempt to travel went quite smoothly, and I’m now safely on the second leg of my trip, Helsinki. I was super worried about packing light and only brining basics on this trip (apart from my holiday get up) but I forgot about how amazing it […]

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Lotta-Liina Love X To Die For Swim

December 21, 2015

My current obsession: Tomatoes & Green pesto on Rye. Absolutely delicious haha I think ever since I came to Copenhagen I’ve been eating that at least twice a day 😀 Anyways what I had for lunch today isn’t so important, what is important however is how grateful and thankful I am for all of you […]

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