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July 19, 2015

Theres something precious about spending sundays in bed, wether you just lie in all day or convert your duvets into your home office, doing nothing only ever feels right on this day.While on this particular lazy day, trying to heal my self from last nights Ben&Jerrys comfort binge under the covers, I decided to answer some emails […]

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Layer upon Layer upon Layer

July 17, 2015

They say you always want what you can’t have, and in the summer time that always proves to be true for me. In winter I want to be without a coat and in summer I prefer my layers. I’m constantly asked about “how I’d describe my style” and I usually find myself going for three […]

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Canadian tux and then some

July 14, 2015

Denim on denim is something even love can’t compare to. The Canadian tux, is a closet must have, worn from breakfast at tiffanies all the way to a cocktail at the SoHo house. Perfecting the look, without being boring or on the wrong side of the tux life, takes a very fine balance of a few […]

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#Confessions of a Wannabe Style Icon

July 11, 2015

#Floordrobe: It’s very hard for me to tell you this without ruining the image that my outfit choices are based on pure scientific knowledge from hours of studying, fashion forecasting via WGSN and my natural keen eye for pairing items up unconventionally. The truth is I floordrobe. I’m a very unorganised chaotic work space type […]

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Movie Night

July 10, 2015

The nicest thing about visiting Finland, apart from the food, is getting together with family. When we hang out at home we don’t do much, but not doing much together is amazing. Just goofing around making sister jokes, having four extra closets to potentially shop from and poking fun at each others life choices are things […]

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Unicorns on Zebras on Giraffes on Ponies

July 9, 2015

I always hear the phrase “Dress for the job you want” which as a child I, with little to none understanding of idioms, thought was lingo for “Don’t forget to wear clothes to your job interview”. This phrase and my misunderstanding of it came in handy when we simulated a small town as a kindergarten […]

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Suit Up!

July 7, 2015

One of the best things women can wear to events these days is a suit. I feel the whole power of suiting up gets pushed aside or underestimated when pitched against a slinky dress. There a few key points to suiting up that will eventually trump over any fancy dress desire, and trust me, you […]

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The Leather Investment

July 5, 2015

I think one of the smartest wardrobe choices I have made in the past few months is this biker style leather vest. I’ve literally been wearing it non-stop every time I need to leave the house, I feel there is nothing it doesn’t go with. Unfortunately since the weather has been a bit too hot […]

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Mules to the Max

July 4, 2015

So I made my red-eye flight this morning to Finland, despite all my fear of missing a flight, and spent the day just chilling with my long distance family. We had a really nice lunch after everybody finally woke up, and spent some time in the city to celebrate the fourth of July, not that […]

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There’s a little something something about summer and the way it just invites all sorts of parties and get togethers indefinitely. Wether people feel like it’s a breeze to commute and to connect due to the constant sunshine and basking beckoning weather or it’s just naturally a less commitment surrounded season, there is always a […]

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