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Nude London X Gate Magazine

May 13, 2017

The benefits of being a university student and in my early twenties is a versatile freedom. My favourite benefit of which is when people ask me what I want to do with my life I can easily still say ‘I have no fucking idea’ and thats totally ok. So far in life I have realised doing something you love, even if you’re just occasionally goofing around, has a way of working out for your benefit in the end.
About three months ago while attending the BA graduate fashion show in Copenhagen to support my friend and his incredible menswear collection I got mistaken for a stylist. I got mistaken for a lot of different people while wearing the flamboyant red jumpsuit, but being a stylist was my favourite mistake. I was handed three job offers off the bat solely based on this one jumpsuit, no background check needed. Being the awkward anxiety ridden girl I declined all three offers. Why? Because I had never thought about myself as a stylist. A failed personal style blogger? sure. A university student supporting my peers? Most definitely. But a stylist? Hell no. First of all I have my style guru living in London, she’s the jiminy cricket to my wardrobe. Secondly that day I hadn’t put shit together, but rather quite easily just slipped into a red jumpsuit. One that was eye-catching and flamboyant as hell, I wasn’t surprised it had garnered attention at all. I remember discussing this on-route to the next show with my friend, and having her icy cold hands slap the sense into me. Yes it was just a red-jumpsuit, but a one of a kind red jumpsuit I had picked out from a flea market that used to be a fucking halloween costume. *Her words, trust me* Feeling like I had put in some work behind this outfit I began entertaining the idea in my head that being a stylist is something I could do.
Two months ago while shooting a campaign in London, I met the incredible Anna. After shooting around with her for shits and giggles we got an offer to shoot a small look book, styling looks for the Nude London, an up and coming ready to wear Women’s label. This time I didn’t hesitate and I took the chance. Our collaboration is now the cover of the may issue of Gate magazine, and I am flattered as hell.

For me it’s reasons like this, working on things I love, meeting new people I now love and super fucking respect for doing their own hustle, that inspire me to keep going and just doing. Even if this isn’t my favourite look and I still don’t feel like I belong in the industry and especially if I don’t have any real fucking clue where I want to end up in the next five years, meeting these incredible people has been worth my personal hustle.

This is Tits McGee signing off from self doubt and self loathing for the weekend, and wishing you a fabulous night.

Photography by the incredible babe Anna Sandul.


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