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Lazy Mans Guide to Self-Love

April 13, 2017

Lazy Mans Guide to self-love? There is none. Literally been guilty all week of shutting myself in the house and wrapping myself in the uncomfortable comfort that is self loathing. From little things like chipped nails and greasy hair to not being able to find motivation to finish this semester and my computer dying on me in the middle of deadlines and exams, little by little I let the bad side of me come out and eat away at whatever it is that is contained in this fleshy cage of a vessel we call bodies. It must have been today in the hazy morning confusion where you try and scramble between what is reality and what was a vivid dream, where I hit rock bottom of my personal trip down self hatred lane. Somewhere between the thoughts of ‘you’re the most average basic boring thing to exist’ and just plain ‘you’re pathetic’ I found myself obsessing over how ‘Even my arm hairs are gross’… Thinking back to this moment now my mouth inevitably curls up into a smile at how silly of a notion that is. I feel like most of us have these bad days, sometimes even bad weeks or months and I thought it would be fun to expose what is going on during these anxiety fuelled panicked attempts shredding myself into a pile of nothing in the hopes it might please someone else.

So in short there is nothing much to this article. There is no apology of not posting because I’ve been busy picking myself apart. There is no fun anecdote or someone cool to find inspo from. There is only a) insecurity focused ‘art’  b)thoughts about how I hate how crooked my nose is and more obsessive thoughts on how much bigger my left tit is than my right.
In the hopes that maybe someone else can learn to laugh at themselves a little through laughing at me and my own existential crisis.
Loving yourself has got to start somewhere right?

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  1. ksenia Beurre says:

    Nice Outfit!
    Amazing Clicks 🙂
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  2. sam collin says:

    Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)

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