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March 2, 2017

There is no better time to declare my love for Gingham than today when the sun has showed up again, crawling hungover MIA after last being seen before Glen Coco got four hearts on valentines day. Terrific right?
However as excited as I am to break out all my Gingham, and ordering in a few new guilty pleasure pieces (stay tuned) with spring rearing it’s head I have to come to terms with a few things that aren’t as nice as the birds and the bees. Haha and you thought I was going to ramble on about how this ruffled skirt makes me feel cool especially because I wore it with cowboy boots.. wrong.

1. SPRING CLEANING – or well in my case any cleaning for that matter. Winter hibernation is over, and using seasonal affective disorder no longer really works as an excuse to why all my clothes are the floor instead of in my closet.

2.GOODBYE HIBERNATION, HELLO RAZOR. Now that the temperatures are almost reaching a whopping 10 degree Celsius heatwave, the reality of actually having to put in an effort to shave your legs is kicking in. And no I don’t mean that 5 minute ankles to calf kind of shaving, I mean the whole leg kind of situation. Ah what a lovely spring time, the layers come off and the razors come back.

3.POLLEN. Anyone with hay fever you feeling me? Not only do I react badly to being exposed to pollen, but I actually made sure to live in an area in Denmark that probably gets the most of it. So here is three cheers to the next four to six months of a puffy face, swollen watery eyes and a never ending case of the flu symptoms.

So in all honesty I think I will keep on celebrating the little things in life such as the sun coming out and Gingham being so seasonally appropriate, before my eyes well shut and all springish hell breaks loose.

Happy March Lovers!


Photography by @Imranilyar

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