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February 19, 2017

Good Morning from Copenhagen Lovers!
For as long as I can remember putting on lingerie has cheered me up. It’s the ego boost that hits the spot even a double shot of espresso can’t fix. It empowers me, and its one of the few times I feel like I actually love my self as much as I love and adore my two dogs (2 1/2 if you count my sisters pure breed gremlin Tove, got to love that one too). Normally I enjoy witty repartee and about how much I love this underwear due it empowering me weather I wear it or leave it on the floor, but I am too gitty to even make a joke. Combining all of my feelings from lingerie collaborations, never have I ever been so honored to not only have silk undies monogrammed with my initials (A HELL TO THE FUCK YES in my lingerie goals) but to end up front page reppin for the company, is beyond a dream come true. Looking at these photos and actually being able to feel accomplished is a huge deal, and looking back at shooting these photos during one of the hardest years of my life and still feeling empowered makes me feel like everything will actually be OK. So in honor of Ell & Cee, empowering women one bespoke silk panty at a time, here are seven fun facts about this shoot.

1.No I’m not doing that 90’s cocain-chic face, I’m actually hungover as ballz. The shoot team wanted to meet for one beer the night before which turned into a 5am streetfood fest. The half-drunk half-tired looks aren’t poses, they 100% representative of actual feelings during the shoot. I would rather have been eating french fries.

2.I’ve never flashed as many people on set as I have during this shoot. I’ve also never had monogramed panties to show off before, so I think the math makes sense.

3.We shot this in the bathroom of my apartment while I was on exchange in Shanghai, China. We also partied in this bathroom, turns out you can fit 5 people in the tub and still have a good time.

4.The messy bangs look was due to me trying to correct the cut the hairdresser did. While I was drunk, before the shoot. Ergo the very un-even fringe.

5.Any make-up I have one was pretty much from the list bad habits you need to learn to let go of in your early 20’s… ergo insert the hashtag #aboutlastnight

6.Remembering my nerves on the day of just getting naked in front of a lot of people and having all our hard work end up as the front page for the brand makes me even more happy to have decided to go through with this collaboration.

7.I have pigmentation spots on my skin, I have million and one sunspots, but my favorite spot on my body is the birthmark on my thigh. I think it looks like a rubber duck version of the lochness monster upside down.


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