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I bought a Halloween costume, now I’m in vogue.

February 4, 2017

I was honestly going to do a rendition of what I learnt this time around being back in Copenhagen Fashion Week, but with all the cloud 9 level excitement that unravelled today I’m going to approach this a little differently.

First of all, let me just say what I love the most about fashion is the infinite opportunities. Even though the industry is infamously known for constantly trying to recreate the wheel, or at least recycle parts of it, nothing is ever the same. It is this exact lack of continuity that allows the great risks to be taken. Wether it’s going in a sheer top without a bra in a society that oddly finds women’s nipples offensive or wearing a colour other than black in Copenhagen, the little risks always bring out the greatest outcomes.
In short, for as long as I have been following street style at fashion weeks, never did I ever imagine that I would get featured on Vogue. But it is good to note that I have dreamed about it as much as I have pretended my shampoo bottle is a microphone. But I never imagined getting featured in a 25euro costing former halloween costume I picked up from a flea market last month. Brining me back to the infinite amount of possibilities that the industry holds when you take little risks. I have to admit the 16 year old in me has literally died and gone to heaven, this has been an absolute dream come true.

However funnily enough now that this has happened out of the blue, I suddenly don’t feel deserving of it happening? If I haven’t had to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears or something comes to me too easy, I feel like I cheated myself. From the rise of a million endorphins to the slump of reality, here are the thoughts that where running through my head when a dream came true.

1. Did Vogue really re-post my make-shift halloween costume of an outfit?
2. Oh god, this suit is giving massive back camel toe. ugh.
3. ‘Is that a real Ferrari suit?’ the most asked question I got wearing this.
4. Wearing a jumpsuit doesn’t mean I have style..right?
5. Or does wearing this make me a stylist now? the job offers are flowing in from that angle.
6. If this wasn’t a nod to the craze Vêtements has drowned the fashion world in, it wouldn’t be cool right?
7. Do they know this closes with Velcro?
8. Being the center of some attention however a was a complete nightmare for an introvert with social anxiety.
9. I feel like I opened a six-pack of whoopass and now I have no idea what to do.
10. I feel like a groupie.



PHOTOS BY _ David Nyanzi
PHOTOS BY _ Style Du Monde


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  1. George says:

    Would u want to sell the Ferrari jumpsuit??

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