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The chronicles of the basic blogger and trying to conquer the world wide web

September 1, 2016

It’s been 102 days since I turned 22.
It’s been 101 days since I went to London.
It’s been 80 days since I last posted.
It’s been 71 days since I started on my new project.

The aforementioned events have been very crucial to how I have spent my last few months and how I have thought about the process of blogging. I’ve been blogging on for about a year now, and before that I have tried a variety of other attempts commenting on style and trying to conquer the world wide web. It started off as a hobby because it was a new and interesting way to communicate with a community I didn’t have physical access to. However with the social media based fashion community exploding the way it has the word blogger is thrown around loosely, often with a negative connotation, and it doesn’t cut it anymore to just have a instagram account and a website you’ve aptly named.

As a part of my annual vigorous self dissection birthday routine blogging came to mind. I couldn’t find a purpose for it anymore. I was tired of sitting and writing about why I like bomber jackets, why I wore socks with my sandals and how lingerie makes me feel. It’s all so generic and has no real content. With this in mind I was determined to end blogging and do something else. As to what I was not sure.

Then came my trip to London. The coolest part about the trip was meeting brands and people that I’ve met online in person. Honestly I never took part in this before because I am very self aware of how curated and polished life looks like through social media. (I am also a firm believer of the mantra : I am much cooler on the internet) I always felt that if I were to ever meet someone who had only known me via my blog I would be a huge disappointment. I’m this very average being and besides knowing which boot goes with which cut of denim I have nothing else to offer. But as a part of my birthday I decided to just say yes to a few more things and meet people. Worst thing that can happen: They won’t like you.

However being able to put people behind a brand completely changed my views on the culture of blogging and what it takes being in that community. With meeting these people I began appreciating and understanding the brands more themselves and I saw a whole new side to the industry that often is so cold hearted. But hey, so am I. #truelove

The break from blogging to focus on my studies, which heavily promoted the undertone of sustainability in the industry and it’s importance in the modern world, along with putting faces behind brands that I work for, lit up a lightbulb. I occasionally care about myself and what I like in fashion, but I hardly doubt anyone else does. However I want to be able to connect people to all of these amazing brands changing the world as it currently is and feel the brand beyond their polished and heavily curated existence on social media.

I have spent the last 71 days interviewing and getting to know some of the coolest, most inspiring and some way underground brands out there. So starting off now you can get to know the cool girl brands from the cool girls who started the brands themselves.
That’s it for this times Chronicles of a basic blogger trying to conquer the world wide web.

I wore this dress I stole from an amazing friend for my birthday dinner outing in London to the fabulous La Bodega Negra. Why? The pink dress makes me feel so fucking good about myself.
*sorry old habits die hard.

Happy Thursday!





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  1. sam says:

    Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)

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