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The Mom Jeans Scale

August 25, 2015

It’s not super easy to come out and say this (since it is a touchy subject) but body image is a big part of my life. Ever since I was 17 I always felt uncomfortable in my own skin, I gained weight, I lost weight, I was a fitness addict and now I just tend to cover myself in baggier clothes most of the times. I could try and tell you it all stems from being underweight as a child, the climax to which was an open classroom discussion and poll taking (my teacher included) on wether or not I had some sort of eating disorder. To end that discussion I ate a cheeseburger…in front of the whole class. It humiliates me to this day. But really my metabolism was just fast and I was only phased by the fact I couldn’t wear my older sisters cool clothes without safety pinning them to me…. And I was seemingly the only girl lacking boobs in 7th grade. I can still look back at the photos of the 18 year old me in Ibiza and wonder how I ever thought it was ok to prance around in a bikini in that weight, or look at my time spent in dubai where I stressed out my body by spending a minimum of three hours at the gym daily… I had a lot of free time between my tasks for my job there. I’d take hours reading tips how to maintain a fit body, to the point were all my fitness inspiration began to be: Do not eat. Or more or less eat anything you love. At that point I had to stop and take a long hard look at myself. Being fit should also include being happy. I love food so not eating it would definetly make me happy. It wasn’t until I read, what to me, had to be the best advice about weight loss and fitness: it was to simply not look at the scale or try and count calories. (I did HL BIO in high school for two years and I still can’t even tell you what a calorie is)Fitness can stem from self happiness, eating right and plain right feeling good. Who says you need to limit yourself to a certain amount of fats that can be equal in a salad as well as in a burger?
It was really just recently I figured out that you can’t run away from scales all your life. Even if I didn’t own a scale and had stopped weighing my body at the age of 19 I had replaced that scale with a new kind. I like to call this the:
The mom jeans scale is fairly simple.
Step 1. Put on pair of Mom Jeans
Step 2. Do they feel tight?
Step Is it humid today? Any other weather issues that would make the pants tight?
Step 2.two Have they been washed, tumble dried or pressed recently? (If no carry onto the final step)
Step 3. Ask yourself; Are they loose around:
-The Hips?  Conclusion: Congratulations you’re not bloated, you can eat another cheeseburger!
-The Butt?  Conclusion: Congrats you avoided squats and any form of butt work out!
-The Thighs? Conclusion: Congrats you did both of the above!

Taking fitness with a sense of humor, and not as something you need to do for others, lightens the mood up and can actually motivate you to do some work. However until I reach that mature age of willingly going to the gym (for actual gym going purposes) I’m perfectly happy using my ignorantly blissful Mom Jeans Scale to determine my own level of fitness 🙂
Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Ruth says:

    Du siehst so außergewöhnlich aus und dabei wunderhübsch 🙂
    Dein Blog ist echt toll 🙂
    Liebste Grüße

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